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WJ Dennis & Company

Shrink Window Film




Shrink film window kits consist of a window insulation kit, bulk shrink film and double stick tape. All components come in various sizes designed to fit almost any window.

Shrink film is a good temporary storm window that you can apply on the inside of windows or patio doors that will remain closed while the shrink film is installed. You should use vinyl sheeting for the outside of your windows.

Because there is no air between the window glass and the shrink film, this weatherstripping product provides you with an extra layer of protection against the cold outside.


All WJ Dennis window kits are:

By installing WJ Dennis shrink window film you help to seal and insulate your home and eliminate drafts that come through an old or poorly installed window in your house and help to increase the R value of your window


WJ Dennis is one of North Americas leading suppliers of shrink window film and has a long standing reputation of value and quality.